DSA Fonts

Primary Font

Our primary font is Manifold DSA.

Manifold DSA was designed expressly for use by DSA. It should be used as the main font for all text with the exception of the DSA logo. For the logo text please use the logo lockup if possible. Manifold DSA can be downloaded from the Design Elements folder.

Manifold DSA should only be used for DSA business. Do not use Manifold DSA for any personal, commercial, or other non-DSA projects.


The default tracking* built into Manifold DSA is designed for legibility at middle or smaller sizes. At large sizes you may want to decrease the tracking a bit (around -20), and at very small sizes, you may want to increase tracking (around 130).

*Tracking refers to the amount of space between letters in text.

Type with increased tracking looks like this.

With decreased tracking, type looks like this.

Web Font

The national DSA website uses the font Styrene B.

(So does this site.)

Alternative Fonts

When Manifold DSA cannot be used, Klima is an acceptable alternative, and can be found in the DSA Design Elements folder. Roboto Slab may also be used alone or paired with Helvetica. 

Generally, use a modern, sans-serif font in keeping with the design examples.