When we put our messaging out into the world, we want it to be as effective, digestible, and powerful as possible. Whether it’s an email, a campaign trifold, or other written political content, there are a few basic guidelines to follow.

Copywriting Tenets

Know your audience

  • Who is this messaging being directed to? The general public? Other DSA members only? Some combination of the two? 
  • Try to avoid jargon as much as possible. When jargon is unavoidable, briefly explain the term, or link to another DSA source that explains it.
  • Use language that is already used by the target audience, which may vary by region, class, or other factors.

Grab the audience’s attention

  • Draw the reader in with a bold statement or question relating to your campaign or issue. 

Write with purpose

  • What do you want from the people reading the information you’re presenting? Is this text informational, a call to action, or something else? 
  • Whatever the “ask” is, make it clear and put it up front. Put key phrases in bold.

Make it political

  • Assert DSA’s demands around the issue clearly. 
  • What is capitalism’s role in creating the issue you’re describing? 
  • What’s the socialist view on how to fix it? 

Copywriting Examples