Other Considerations

Other Considerations

If you are designing a campaign, the following questions may help you align your campaign design with the overall design style. 

■ Is there historical imagery related to this issue/cause?

■ What does the opposition campaign look like?

Is your campaign color palette too similar?

■ Do the images you’re using tell a compelling story?

■ Is your chapter a leader on this issue/cause, or are you supporting another group in solidarity?

■ Is the campaign artwork illustrative or more realist/impressionist?

Whether or not the campaign has good photography can help with this decision. If you have great photos, you can lean more heavily on those. If not, adding more illustrations can help create a unique and specific look.

■ If you remove the DSA logo, can you still tell this is a DSA design?

■ Consider other campaigns DSA is running at the same time. 

Should your campaign stand out in some way or match the styles closely of other campaigns?

Consider for your specific campaign if the DSA branding is most important, or strategically different.